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Angela Sabo Wins the 2017 Gerry Couture Stewardship Award

Media Release – For Immediate Release

December 19, 2017

Recognizing Yukon’s Conservation Champions: Angela Sabo Wins the 2017 Gerry Couture Stewardship Award

Photo: Angela Sabo

Whitehorse, YT – The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) is pleased to announce that Angela Sabo has been awarded the 2017 Gerry Couture Stewardship Award for her work to protect the Yukon’s land and water from contamination. Since 2009, an anonymous donor has provided the Gerry Couture Stewardship Medal and $1,000 prize to an individual chosen for outstanding personal dedication to natural resource conservation and management in the Yukon.

“Angela’s passion and determination have been invaluable to the Yukon Conservation Society and other grassroots groups in the territory,” said Executive Director of the Yukon Conservation Society, Christina Macdonald. “From investigating the effects of oil and gas drilling in Dempster country, to canvassing door-to-door against fracking, to her legendary determination to keep digging until she gets answers, Angela is a formidable force against industrial misdeeds and environmental hazards in the Yukon.”

Sabo has been active in the Yukon environmental community for decades. She has spearheaded multiple initiatives for the Yukon Conservation Society and is a key member of Yukoners Concerned about Oil and Gas. She has been a leader in attacking the high radon readings that exist in many Yukon homes, pointing out that mitigation is necessary if lung cancer rates are to be lowered. On her own time and costs, she has travelled across the Yukon doing radon testing and contacted experts across North America to assist her research. She has met with officials to share her research and suggest that regulations should be put in place to protect Yukoners from radioactivity and high radon readings.

On receiving the Gerry Couture Stewardship Award, Sabo said: “I am very honoured to be chosen to receive the Gerry Couture Stewardship award. The work to prevent hydraulic fracturing in the Yukon has been a team effort and I’d like to thank my son Ray Sabo, Sebastian Jones of YCS, Don Roberts, and the Yukoners Concerned for their continuous contribution, encouragement and support. We all know that the Yukon is a precious place and we need to care for our water, plants and animals. Let’s follow our hearts and the ones who know the land today to keep our environment healthy for tomorrow.”

Don Roberts of Yukoners Concerned says, “Yukoners Concerned is extremely pleased that Angela Sabo has been nominated to receive the Gerry Couture Stewardship Award. Angela is a person of conscience who is passionate about maintaining most of the Yukon as one of the last pristine areas remaining in the world. She is truly a lady of conviction and does her research to support the issues she believes in.”

The donor of the award is inspired by Gerry Couture’s fearlessness, creativity, innovation, and ‘curmudgeonliness’. Gerry Couture has a long and varied past as a commercial pilot, homesteader, trapper, commercial fisherman, and placer miner. For years he was a respected member of the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Yukon Salmon Committee. Gerry most recently worked as YCS’s Mining Coordinator until he retired in 2009.


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Christina Macdonald
Executive Director
Yukon Conservation Society

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