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YCS helps people get outside and promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Yukon’s ecosystems.


YCS supports the conservation and protection of Yukon wild places.


YCS supports humane, sustainable and responsible management of wildlife.


YCS is a watchdog for industrial development and researches smart solutions for our territory.

Conservation Conversation


Conservation Conversation.

Interested in talking about environmental issues? Come to YCS for our brown bag lunch Conservation Conversation!

This will be a regular occurrence and we welcome conversation topic ideas. We will vary the days of the week when we get together.

Come on by to the YCS house at noon with your lunch where we will be talking about conservation, climate change and the environment.

We have a microwave and a kettle.

Stay tuned in our Tread Lightly email newsletter for the next event date and topic.

email or call Davon if you have any questions or suggestions.
867-668-5678 ext 1

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