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Important Change to ETS financing

YCS Reducing Costs for Electric Thermal Storage Project Participation

Whitehorse, YT (December 25, 2020)

The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) and its Yukon Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Demonstration Project team are excited to announce that all Yukoners who register for the project before February 1, 2021 who are selected to participate will have a total of 100% of eligible costs covered by the project. With this retroactive change, an increase from the previous 85% coverage, participants will be responsible for 10% of eligible costs plus any ineligible costs around the time of installation. That 10% will then be reimbursed at the end of the project in 2023 as a “thank you” for participants allowing us to collect the data we need for our project. The 10% amount is expected to be $1300 for baseboard-heated homes and $3000 for furnace-heated homes, on average. Our existing participants will be compensated for any over-payment in early 2021. Registration is expected to remain open until summer 2021, with coverage returning to 85% for any Yukoners who register after February 1, 2021.

Seventeen eligible spots remain for room-based heated homes (baseboards, Toyo stoves, etc.) and eleven spots remain for furnace heated homes (electric, propane, or oil and forced air or hydronic). Installations will take place in spring and fall 2021. Yukoners who are unsure of their eligibility are encouraged to register; eligibility will be discussed by phone. Homeowners who have energy assessment results from the last 5 years are particularly encouraged to apply as that will expedite the selection process.

Participant registration is still open – interested Yukoners can head to the project website:


Eric Labrecque, YCS’s Electric Thermal Storage Demonstration Project Manager: “Recognizing the financial hardship that many of us have been experiencing during this pandemic, we are hopeful that this change will lower the financial barriers for Yukoners to participate. In doing so, they will be contributing to our efforts to improve the Yukon’s energy independence while shrinking their own carbon footprints.”

Coral Voss, YCS’s Executive Director: “We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to more Yukoners to be involved in this important and timely initiative.”

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Debborah Donnelly                                               Eric Labrecque

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