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YCS Announces its Primary Contractor for the Electric Thermal Storage Project

The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) and its Yukon Electric Thermal Storage Demonstration Project team are proud to officially announce its selection of the project’s primary contractor. The project, which is the first energy pilot project headed by YCS, aims to explore the benefits of electric thermal storage (ETS) technologies in the Yukon. It opened for registration on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 and will run until at least March 31st, 2022. The project will see the installation of electric thermal storage home heating systems in 40+ homes and the collection of data from their operation over the following two heating seasons. Installations will begin this fall and continue into next spring and summer.

Solvest brings its electrical, renewable energy tech expertise, as well as its extensive energy project experience in the Yukon community to bear on this exciting new project. Solvest has partnered with Certified Heating, another local company with a proven track record of dependable, customer-oriented service, for the furnace removal and installation work.

Other local contractors interested in electric thermal storage are encouraged to contact YCS about free training and other opportunities to get involved with ETS in the Yukon.

Participant registration is still open – interested Yukoners can head to the project website:


Eric Labrecque, YCS’ Electric Thermal Storage Demonstration Project Manager: “Solvest’s track record of dependable customer service and drive for a more sustainable and energy-independent Yukon made them the clear choice as the primary contractor for our electric thermal storage project. Their passion and experience have been demonstrated consistently since the selection process began.”

Ben Power, Solvest’s Vice President: “Solvest is proud to be involved with this innovative project, which will serve as an example of how peak demand shifting technologies can be used to reduce the Yukon's reliance on fossil fuels and build a more robust electrical grid powered by renewable energy. We look forward to working with the Yukon Conservation Society to make this project a success.”

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