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YCS Statement on the ORV Management Plans Regulations

TOPIC: Yukon Government Releases New Off-Road Vehicle Management Area Regulation

Thank you to Vern, Phillip and TOYA for arranging this press conference and for all of the assistance that Debborah Donnelly, our Director of Outreach and Communications has provided.

We at the Yukon Conservation Society are pleased to see the Yukon Government has made an essential first step in addressing the numerous environmental, safety, legal and social issues surrounding Off-Road Vehicle management. In particular, we are gratified to see that in the Peel Watershed Land Management Unit, the West Hart, ORVs will be confined to within 5m of existing trails.

While we acknowledge the initial efforts of the Yukon Government in crafting these new regulations, there is still a great deal of work to be done to adequately address the ongoing concerns of ORV use in other areas and ecosystems in the Yukon. Specifically, we are concerned with the 1,400 meter restriction as it fails to adequately protect such areas as sub-Alpine, riparian and wetlands. In addition, the lack of a clear definition of trail could impede the advancement of new management areas.

Finally, we do want to once again acknowledge this significant milestone for the Yukon Government and for conservation efforts in the Yukon, and we look forward to the expansion and advancement of these regulations in the future.

If you have any follow-up questions please feel free to reach out to myself and Lewis Rifkind. Media requests can be arranged through Debborah Donnelly, Director of Outreach & Communications.


Coral Voss, Executive Director –

Lewis Rifkind –

Debborah Donnelly –, (867) 668-5678 (ext. 1)

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