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YCS helps people get outside and promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Yukon’s ecosystems.


YCS supports the conservation and protection of Yukon wild places.


YCS supports humane, sustainable and responsible management of wildlife.


YCS is a watchdog for industrial development and researches smart solutions for our territory.


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Our Vision:

We envision a sustainable energy future for the Yukon. Energy use and peak electricity demand must be drastically reduced by improving efficiency and conservation, and adopting smart technologies. Local, low-impact renewable energy projects must be developed to displace imported fossil fuels, reduce emissions and pollution, increase our energy security and resilience, and meet our energy needs – while providing economic development opportunities and revenue streams for communities.

YCS Energy Goals:

  • To champion the transition from imported fossil fuels to sustainable energy, including low-impact hydroelectricity, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy, through education and advocacy.
  • To highlight Yukon solutionaries who inspire us with their smart energy choices, through the YES (Yukon’s Energy Solutions) project.  From active commuters and electric cars to super-insulated homes and rooftop solar arrays, meet Yukoners taking action to reduce the environmental impacts associated with energy use, and learn about how you can too – at

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Speak up: Yukon Energy Survey on new Diesel/LNG

May 31, 2019

We are deeply disappointed to see Yukon Energy deploying more thermal energy without comparable progress on renewable energy projects. We encourage everyone to have their say by filling out Yukon Energy’s survey.

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YCS believes that the Yukon must replace imported fossil fuels with local, low-impact renewable energy sources for thriving, resilient communities.

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Fossil Fuels

All phases of oil and gas production and consumption are bad for the environment. Exploration, drilling, fracking, processing, refining, liquefying, transporting and burning fossil fuels pollutes land, air and water, and emits climate destabilizing greenhouse gases. YCS opposes all new oil and gas development and instead, promotes fossil fuel displacement with local renewable energy sources and drastic reductions in energy demand. YCS has also developed a position paper on a Yukon Carbon Tax.

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Energy Uses

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Transportation is the Yukon’s most energy-intensive sector. Space heating is the Yukon’s second most energy-intensive sector. Learn more about solutions to reduce fossil fuel consumption in both.

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