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Norman Barichello: Recipient of the 2020 Gerry Couture Stewardship Award

The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) is very pleased to announce that Norman Barichello has been awarded the 2020 Gerry Couture Stewardship Award. The $1000 prize is awarded annually for outstanding personal dedication to natural resource conservation and management in the Yukon. This is the 11th year that this award has been presented.

Norman Barichello spent a lifetime pursuing conservation, as a wildlife biologist, First Nation advisor, naturalist guide, and educator. He has spent over 30 years working with the Kaska Dena of the Yukon and BC, and in particular the Ross River Dena.

Norman has participated in studies of grizzly bears, polar bears, wolves, Dall sheep, Mountain goats, caribou and gyrfalcons. He just recently published a natural history book:  Gyrfalcon: The One Who Stays All Winter.

Upon presenting the medal and award to Norman, Coral Voss, Executive Director of YCS said, “I am honoured to have the opportunity to recognize Norman for his extraordinary lifetime of efforts on behalf of the wild places and all of those creatures who live in these places.”

Norman Barichello responded that he feels “honoured to have been selected for the Gerry Couture Stewardship Award in the company of so many people who have committed their lives to conservation here in the Yukon. In my journeys, I have been fortunate to have learned from many elders and others who have dedicated themselves to conservation here in the Yukon - Dave Mossop, Don Reid, Katarzyna Nowak and Hillary Cooke, to name a few, as well as the late Bob Frisch and Gerry Couture.”

Selection of the recipient for the award is made by the inspiration of Gerry Couture’s fearlessness, creativity, innovation, and “curmudgeonliness”. Couture was a respected member of the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Yukon Salmon Committee. He also worked as YCS’ mining analyst until 2009, and as a commercial pilot, homesteader, trapper, commercial fisherman, and placer miner.

Executive Director Coral Voss presenting the award and cheque to Norman Barichello, at the YCS Holiday Open House on December 11, 2020.

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