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YCS helps people get outside and promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Yukon’s ecosystems.


YCS supports the conservation and protection of Yukon wild places.


YCS supports humane, sustainable and responsible management of wildlife.


YCS is a watchdog for industrial development and researches smart solutions for our territory.

Secrets from the Ice

Secrets from the Ice photo

"Secrets from the Ice"

Friday, Feb. 9 at 12 noon, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse.

This documentary was produced for CBC’s The Nature of Things. It tells the story of how, over the last 20 years, Canada and other Arctic countries have become the frontier of a new science related to climate change. Ice patches are melting faster than ever and are revealing ancient human artifacts, wildlife and human remains, telling us more than we’ve ever known about human history in the sub-Arctic and at altitude in the mountains. 

Read more and buy tickets here or at the door.

Director Andrew Gregg and many people who appear in the film, ice-patch archaeologists and members of the Kluane, Carcross Tagish and Champagne and Aishihik First Nations will be in attendance.

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