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YCS helps people get outside and promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Yukon’s ecosystems.


YCS supports the conservation and protection of Yukon wild places.


YCS supports humane, sustainable and responsible management of wildlife.


YCS is a watchdog for industrial development and researches smart solutions for our territory.

Hydro Alternatives for the Yukon

YCS’s objectives for the Hydro Alternatives for the Yukon workshop were to:

  • showcase existing hydro projects in our region that provide local economic development opportunities and meet energy needs while respecting ecological limits and community values.
  • share information about the potential for a new-to-the-Yukon hydro project – pumped storage – that can support other renewables on the Yukon’s independent electricity grid.
  • learn more about the environmental impacts of the Yukon’s legacy hydro dams and the potential harms of proposed Next Generation Hydro-type large dams.


Alaska Power & Telephone - low Impact Goat Lake and other hydro projects

Pumped Storage Hydro 101 - Goran Sreckovic, Yukon Energy Director of Resource Planning

Seasonal and Pumped Storage Hydro for Yukon study summary - John Maissan

Wildlife Conservation Society - Impacts and Risks to Fish and Fish Habitat of Proposed Next Generation Hydro Dams in Yukon

Generation for Generations, the Atlin Hydro Project - Peter Kirby, Taku Land Corporation

Environmental Overview of Xeitl Hydro Project (Atlin, BC) - Mark Connor, Taku River Tlingit First Nation

Atlin Hydro Expansion Prefeasibility Study by Morrison Hershfield for Tlingit Economic Limited Partnership

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