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Off-Road Vehicles and the Yukon’s environment: how to tread lightly

Have Your Say on Off-Road Vehicle Regulations

The Yukon is one of the last places in Canada with no Off-Road Vehicle regulations. Off-trail ORVs can damage habitat and disturb wild animals. Yukon government is consulting on a plan to regulate ORVs - your comments are needed by April 8.

Background Information: The Yukon government is consulting on a plan to manage ORVs (off-road vehicles, not including snowmobiles) through ORV Management Areas (ORVMAs). The government’s proposed regulation would lay out a process for nominating and creating ORVMAs. The government is also considering the option of designating some ORVMAs immediately upon the implementation of the ORV regulation.

Here's what YCS thinks:

  • YCS supports the creation of ORVMAs, especially the option to designate some ORVMAs immediately. We also support proactive and comprehensive measures to stop trail proliferation and habitat damage throughout the Yukon while further ORVMAs are being nominated and created.
  • In particular, YCS urges the Yukon government to protect all alpine and wetland areas in the Yukon immediately through ORVMAs or other management tools. Alpine and wetland areas are important habitat and are especially sensitive to long-lasting damage by ORVs.
  • Recognizing that the government is aiming to mitigate ORV impacts, YCS supports the use of multiple tools as needed to achieve this, including but not limited to ORVMAs.

How to Participate: Visit the Yukon government's ORV engagement webpage to download a guide with information about the survey, and to find a link to the survey itself.

More Resources: We are working with Trails Only Yukon Association to raise awareness about the importance of filling out this survey. TOYA has done a lot of work advocating for ORV management in the territory. Visit their website at to find helpful documents including the TOYA Position on ORV Regulations, short and long Sample Survey Answers, and a history of ORV management initiatives (1981-2018). YCS will also be submitting comments on the survey but these are not yet available online.


ORV Alliance: Ride Smart Information

The Yukon Conservation Society collaborated with a number of other organizations in the territory to produce a set of brochures with tips on how to minimize the impacts of Off Road Vehicles on Yukon's land, water and wildlife. Brochures and Posters with tips on how to minimize Off Road Vehicle impacts on wildlife and sensitive habitats. They can be downloaded below.

The ORV Alliance includes the Klondike Snowmobile Association, Yukon Off-Road Riders Association, Trails Only Yukon Assocaition, Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon, and the Yukon Fish & Game Association as well as YCS.

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