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YCS helps people get outside and promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Yukon’s ecosystems.


YCS supports the conservation and protection of Yukon wild places.


YCS supports humane, sustainable and responsible management of wildlife.


YCS is a watchdog for industrial development and researches smart solutions for our territory.

Yukon Regional & Sub-regional Plans (such as the Beaver River)

Regional land use planning is a tool that derives from Yukon First Nations Final Agreements. Seven regional land use plans are proposed for the Yukon:


There is also a sub-regional land use plan currently underway for the Beaver River Watershed. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that Sub-regional Land Use Planning has occurred in the Yukon. If it's done right, it's a chance to assess the cultural and ecological values of the land, establish the potential impacts of this road and the mining it would enable, and look at opportunities for conservation. YCS has gathered some pertinant information and media reports here.

Beaver River Watershed

There's a proposal for a 65km road to access mineral claims throughout the Beaver River Watershed, located just south of the Peel.

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